In 1886 it was established in Rome the production firm PAOLETTI & SINNONA. It made unique its work the art of reproducing perfectly, in shapes and colors, all kinds of plants and flowers, in any type and quality of fabric. Throughout the mid-twentieth century and beyond, the company supplied fashion houses, cinema, theater, interior decoration, and personalities of the Capital.

The changing fortunes of the historic and glorious workshop have crossed the end of the nineteenth and the twentieth century, interrupting only in 1992, when Mrs. Iole Imperi Cappi left the business, last owner of this fine and precious crafts that with no doubt may be defined art. In 1924, at the age of twelve,  Mrs. Imperi Cappi entered as a worker in the company, inheriting few year later the ownership by the founders. She then passed on the love for this art to her son Pier Luigi and her niece Cecilia Cappi that have preserved the memory and tradition: the fabulous laboratory of Vicolo dei Serpenti, where beautiful flowers bloomed in the hands.

Today, Cecilia Cappi has founded the project - CAPPI Roma – to continue this unique art, of beauty and craftsmanship, to keep an ideal of elegance linked to the city of Rome and the Alta Moda of the Capital.