There is more than a century of tradition in the floral creations CAPPI Roma. Each petal is drawn, worked and composed, by hand, in corollas of all types of fabric and pattern.

CAPPI Roma   addresses  haute couture houses, to create together unique compositions for unrepeatable garments.

Creations are made using techniques handed down for three generations, and the same tools of the past: bollini, striscini, fagiolini, frati, pinze, stampini.


It is said that the manufacturing tools were "cast in the lead enemy". The husband of one of the founders, for his work at the Vittoriano, had easy access to wapons, in the museum, including  austrian cannonballs, sad reminder of the Great War. It is not offensive or fantastic to believe that some feral piece of lead and iron had the glad fortune of being transformed into refined tools for that particular craft..